Hydraulic, pneumatic and electric actuators for client-specific applications

Klubert + Schmidt also takes over the manufacture and adaptation of individual parts for client-specific applications.

Our valves are operated for example with pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuators. Together with the suppliers, we take over the optimisation and adaptation of these actuators so that they are specially coordinated with each client requirement.

Klubert + Schmidt takes over the adaptation or manufacture of the following individual parts:

  • electric, hydraulic, pneumatic actuators
  • spherical bearings / joining rods
  • sheet metal forming parts as actuator consoles or heat protection sheets
  • Cast iron parts: casings, throttle valves
  • levers, corrugation, bearing bushing as well as standardised parts/small parts, such as screws, nuts, discs, bolts etc.
  • Thermal insulation from heat conducting components