Your career opportunities at Klubert + Schmidt

Klubert + Schmidt offers students the opportunity to gain practical experience in an innovative and future-oriented company. The classical way to get a taste of life in the industry already while studying is an internship or employment as a working student. Students also have the opportunity to write their semester assignments or thesis with us, depending on the subject requirements. Have we aroused your interest? Then find out more about our current job vacancies.

Your opportunities:


Students in relevant subject areas can complete both compulsory internships as well as voluntary study internships.

Possible specialist areas for internships:

  • Engineering
  • Business studies
  • Logistics
  • Quality management

Working students

Students of relevant subject areas have the opportunity to contribute in various projects as a working student.

Possible areas for working students:

  • Development/Construction
  • Assembly
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • IT
  • Quality


We are open for theses and project work which fit us in terms of the subject. We will also be happy to suggest topics on request.

If you are interested, please send your application to application[at]

Bianca Deinhardt, Quality Management Dept

“I appreciate that I am treated as a person at Klubert + Schmidt.
You can work freely here, without being stifled by guidelines.”

Holiday job at Klubert + Schmidt?

We are happy to offer registered students the opportunity to work over the holidays If interested, please send your application with a cover letter, CV, matriculation documentation and the desired period to the following address: application[at]