Throttle valve and exhaust flap systems for naval use

The IMO (International Maritime Organization) has set itself the goal of ensuring the safety of maritime travel and protecting the seas. The IMO standards were determined in order to ensure nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide emissions (NOx, SOx) from ships’ engines are reduced. In 2014 Tier III controls were adopted, which require an 80 % reduction in NOx emissions compared with Tier I values (17.0 g/kWh) from 2016. Throttle valves and exhaust flaps from Klubert + Schmidt contribute to meeting and in the best case exceeding these strict IMO emissions standards for ships’ engines.

Marine product benefits

  • Long service life
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower pressure drop through the valve
  • Low internal and external leakage
  • Repairs on site
  • Maximum permitted construction part temperature observed

IMO emissions standards Tier I to Tier III

NOx emissions (nitrogen oxide)

Tier I
Tier II global

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