A company which successfully combines tradition and innovation

Klubert + Schmidt is a healthy and future-oriented company with tradition. As a strong and reliable employer, we have felt a close connection with the region and our home town of Pottenstein since the founding of the company in 1945. As a result of the excellent state of orders, we decided in 2001 to move our production location from the city centre to the Pottenstein industrial zone close by. Since then we have been using the opportunity to expand our capacities as required in such a way that we can develop our production strengths in the best possible way. In 2008 another production building with an additional 3,500 m² area was completed. The number of employees has also grown constantly to 300 Рand the trend is for this to grow further.

1945 | Foundation

Founding of the company Klubert + Schmidt in Pottenstein by two former production engineers from the Junkers aircraft and engine factories, Mr Karl Klubert and Mr Alfred Schmidt.

1949 | First swirl chambers for diesel engines

Manufacture of the first centrifugal chambers for diesel engines at Klubert + Schmidt, and since then more than 8 million units have been delivered.

1953 | Manufacture of the first exhaust flap

Manufacture of the first exhaust flap. To the present day, a total of far more than 10 million units have been produced and delivered to clients in the commercial vehicle industry.

1996 | Hot side EGR valves

Start of development and testing of hot side EGR valves.

1997 | Certified quality management

Certification of the management system in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 through LGA Intercert.

2001 | Move to the new production facilities

Move from the idyllic town centre to the new production facilities in the industrial zone “Am Langen Berg” on the outskirts of Pottenstein. Certification of the environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 by LGA Intercert.

2004 | Distinction for sustainable management

Klubert + Schmidt awarded prize for sustainable management by the Bayreuth district council.

2005 | Recertification of the integrated management system

Recertification of the integrated management system in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001:2004 by DEKRA Intertek. Further development of the management system based on the automobile quality standard ISO/TS 16949:2002.

2008 | Company expansion

Expansion of the company through construction of a new production hall.

2009 | Development of electric exhaust recirculation valves

Development and testing of electronically controlled and electrically driven exhaust recirculation valves.

2011 | Development of electric exhaust flaps

Development and testing of electrically driven and electronically regulated exhaust flaps.

2013 | Social responsibility

Klubert + Schmidt GmbH is committed to its social responsibility as a medium-sized company.

2014 | Waste heat recovery flap valves

Development of the waste heat recovery flap valves

2015 | 70 years of Klubert + Schmidt

70 year anniversary celebration

2015 | Comprehensive brand relaunch

Revision of the logo, website and the entire corporate communications.

2015 | Energy audit

Obligation to handle resources sparingly and successful energy audit carried out in December 2015. To do this, relevant data from different areas were drawn upon, which were established in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Project Group Process Innovation of the University of Bayreuth.

2017 | New development building

Expansion through the construction of a new development building

2019 | Expanded capabilities/capacities Machining and Assembly

Expansion through the construction of a new production and logistics area

2021 | Start in the new production center

Start of automated production/assembly in the new production center

2022 | Expansion of logistics area

Expansion of logistics capacities