Your development partner and series supplier for throttle valve and exhaust flap systems

As a development partner and series supplier, we offer an extensive product portfolio relating to heavy duty motors. Our industry competencies play a supportive role in this. Our throttle valves and exhaust flaps are developed and produced for use both onroad and offroad, as well as for the marine and industry segments, whereby all systems are primarily aligned for the specific challenges of heavy duty implementation. With our products, we make a significant contribution to road safety and in many countries worldwide we ensure lower emissions and a cleaner environment.


In Germany, a third independent braking system is required for onroad vehicles like buses and lorries which exceed a total permissible weight of 5.5 t or 9 t […]

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Offroad includes agricultural and construction vehicles as well as military vehicles. For these applications it is important to ensureĀ  […]

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The IMO (International Maritime Organization) has set itself the goal of ensuring the safety of maritime travel and protecting the seas. The IMO standards were […]

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Fast, flexible and efficient production is increasingly important for industrial companies. Moreover, production companies […]

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