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Are you looking for an apprenticeship which provides you with good career opportunities and promises a secure job? Or do you already have vocational experience and would like to re-orientate yourself in your specialist field?

Take the opportunity and apply to Klubert + Schmidt, the market leading manufacturer of throttle valves and exhaust caps systems. We offer career starters and those with more experience the opportunity to support our strong and highly-qualified team in the development and manufacturing of our products for the big brands in the automobile industry.

Besides good career opportunities, fair compensation and an excellent working atmosphere, Klubert + Schmidt has a lot more to offer: For example, our home region of Fränkische Schweiz (Franconian Switzerland), which beckons with wild and romantic landscapes and numerous outdoor and leisure activities. We are happy to live there and to be able to work where others take their holidays. Do you think that sounds good? Then find out about our job offers:

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  • 1 Wiesent: It is possible to take walks by the River Wiesent through Franconian Switzerland. The river tours, with different difficulty levels, are particularly popular with canoeists.
  • 2 Doos: This small town is the point of departure for Franconian Switzerland, which offers car-free routes for cycling and mounting biking. Forests, marshlands and charming guesthouses make the area around Doos an attractive destination.
  • 3 Kerwa: Kerwa is the term for the Franconian Fair, which are held in many places in the summer months. The Kerwa is the meeting point for adults and children and combines traditional customs with conviviality, music and hearty culinary specialities.
  • 4 Franconian: Fränkische Schweiz (Franconian Switzerland) is described as “Franconian” because it is known for its mountainous and hilly landscapes, prominent rock formations, caves, castles and ruins far beyond the borders of Upper Franconia.