Braking system for a high-performance in-engine brake action

Exhaust flaps or engine brakes function as an in-engine braking system. Closing the exhaust system using a throttle valve while at the same time suspending the fuel supply causes back pressure in the engine. This leads to the desired braking action.

High-performance exhaust flaps from Klubert + Schmidt with several hundred kW achieve up to 85 % of the brake energy required for a utility vehicle. This brake horsepower amounts to up to 100 kW. The legal requirement for an additional braking system based on the weight of the vehicle can be implemented easily and effectively by using our engine brake.

  • For the regulation of the flow of exhaust fumes by simply opening and closing the exhaust flap
  • Predominantly in connection with pneumatic actuators without a position sensor (but also possible for electrical actuators)
  • Manufacturing in all nominal sizes desired

  • Significant reduction of wear on the brake by lightening the load on the conventional wheel brake
  • Significant reduction of maintenance costs and breakdowns related to this
  • Prevents the “fading effect”, the deterioration of the brake action due to higher heat generation
  • Minimises the costs per kilowatt brake horsepower compared to other brake systems
  • Connection to the vehicle management computer and integration in the brake management system through high-performance actuators
  • Maximises road safety