Exhaust gas recirculation systems for targeted reduction of emissions

The EGR valve (exhaust gas recirculation valve or international EGR valve), opens, closes or regulates exhaust gas recirculation. Through this exhaust gas recirculation and the re-combustion of exhaust gases, the combustion temperature decreases, significantly reducing nitrogen oxide formation.

With EGR valves from Klubert + Schmidt, the EGR rate at any engine operating point can be set up individually in order to meet the legally prescribed emissions values for commercial vehicles. The flap valves will be activated by a regulated actuator with a position sensor. This can be implemented either pneumatically, electrically or hydraulically.

  • Manufacturing in series process in all nominal sizes requested; larger nominal sizes are also possible for the manufacture of special applications like large engines
  • Construction for maximum stresses and a long lifespan: Use of materials and storage components which complete more than 10 million operations
  • Corrosion resistance against hot gases and acids for special applications
  • Activated by pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuators
  • Single- and multiple-stage methods of construction possible

  • Sustainable reduction of pollutant emissions for commercial vehicles
  • Total integration into engine management through the use of the most modernĀ  electric actuators as well as high-performance compressed air cylinders, partly with distance measurement systems or position feedback